The Legacy of Love Continues…


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April 25 has always been a very special day in the Kingdom nation because this day — Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy’s birthday — has become a tradition of giving, a legacy of love, and a beacon of hope towards thousands upon thousands of destitute and disadvantaged children all over the world.

It is a fulfillment of a promise that Pastor Apollo Quiboloy made as a young child who, in poverty, was moved by a single act of kindness. He promised that if the Father will bless him, he will share a big chunk of those blessings to help children like him.

Happy ACQ International Children’s Day! Happiest Birthday Papang Pastor!

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The COVID-19 pandemic may have changed our way of life but this did not stop Pastor Apollo Quiboloy from reaching out to children all over the world as he has done every year for the past 14 years.

ACQ International Children's Day

As we celebrate Pastor Apollo’s birthday and recount the unforgettable events of ACQ International Children’s Day (ACQ ICD), Pastor Apollo brings this love once more from home to home, from child to child, in every country, to every race through the volunteers who believe and share in Pastor Apollo’s advocacy — that in this vastly changing world, a world that can be cruel and divided, complex and bewildering, intimidating and even horrifying, only love can heal every wound, smooth every bump, and bring every man, woman or child to make this world a better place for mankind. Because truly, we can do all things, surmount the impossible, reach our fullest potential, and help others do the same. All we need is love!

Remembering ACQ ICD before the COVID-19 Pandemic

Every year on April 25, the Kingdom of Jesus Christ headquarters in Davao City, Philippines, opens up to welcome thousands upon thousands of less fortunate children into a world they have never experienced before.  It is Pastor Apollo Quiboloy’s birthday, known by everyone as the ACQ International Children’s Day (ACQ ICD) — a day that stands out in children’s memories as the most unforgettable day of their lives.

On this day, children from the poorest walks of life get a full-blown theme park adventure much like the most famous parks in the world, like Disneyland.

The rides, the food, the gifts, the parades, the mascots, and princesses – all are there for every child to take in, to treasure, and to enjoy without limit or constraint. Every year, this day has become a seed of hope and a celebration of love given selflessly by this one man who stands out from the rest of humanity as the very embodiment of unconditional love.

Happiest Birthday, Pastor!

Happiest Birthday Pastor! Happy ACQ International Children’s Day!

Thank you for your love that encompasses all of humanity, your sacrifice, your dedication, and your commitment to the calling and mission entrusted to you by the Almighty Father, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Some people may seek your downfall, persecute you, malign you, and smear your good name but the whole Kingdom nation will always be behind you — mighty defenders of the throne, faithful and loyal sons and daughters of the Almighty Father through the Son! We love you, Pastor!