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Divided Truth: The Story of the Six (6) Blind Men

The story of the six (6) blind men is a representation of the different religions and denominations in the world today. Each one claims to be the only truth, but they are actually blind men leading the blind. In part, they are true, but as a whole, they are wrong.

The Book of Witnesses: Anointing of the Appointed Son of God

They were a small group of people — mostly mountain folk from a once unknown place called Tamayong, Davao City in the southern part of the Philippines — blessed and fortunate to witness the extraordinary event that took place on March 20, 1974.

The Purpose of His Anointing

“Gamiton ta ka” (or I will use you) — three (3) words in Cebuano that changed the course of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy’s life. There were just a handful of people – a few families, some younger ones who were single and alone. They were a ragtag group of mountain folk having one remarkable thing in common. They all witnessed the extraordinary event that took place on March 20, 1974.

Sis. Felina Salinas’ Journey

As she helms the great works of the Father Almighty in the KLCs of Hawaii, Eng is a battle-tested warrior that knows no retreat when facing the greatest challenges and trials in the crucible of a spiritual battle.

China is Now the World’s Richest Country

As I oversee the installation of the King Dome’s giant LED screens, I cannot help but admire the diligence and hard work of our Chinese technicians who work night and day with our team of Filipino engineers and architects.

Outstanding Humanitarian Pastor of the Year

Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy of The Kingdom of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name, was recently recognized as the Most Outstanding Humanitarian Pastor of the Year at the 20th Gawad Amerika Awards held last November 20th in Hollywood, California, USA.

KJC Legal Counsel Press Statement

Another vicious attempt to bring down Pastor Apollo Quiboloy and some of the Kingdom leaders has been organized in the United States, but the Kingdom remains steadfast and committed to faithfully respond to its mission, its ministry, and its divine calling

President Rodrigo Duterte on SMNI Exclusive

In an exclusive interview led by Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy last June 8, 2021, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte answered relevant issues concerning the state of the country and discussed the challenges and achievements of the Duterte Administration as he nears the end of his six-year term.