Humanitarian Causes


Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. (CJFI)

Children's Joy Foundation, Inc.

CJFI is a multi-awarded social work agency founded by Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy in June 1998. CJFI’s social welfare programs are geared towards helping orphaned, abandoned, neglected, dependent, and disadvantaged children around the world.

SMNI Foundation

SMNI Foundation is the humanitarian arm of Sonshine Media Network International, the international media network founded by Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.

Sonshine Philippines Movement (SPM)

Sonshine Philippines Movement

In response to the looming crisis of Climate Change, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy founded the Sonshine Philippines Movement in the year 2005, with the guiding principle of restoring the earth to its pristine beauty and effecting good wherever its banner is raised.

Keeper’s Club International (KCI)

Keeper's Club International

The Keeper’s Club International is a youth organization initiated by Pastor Apollo Quiboloy that aims to foster spirituality as well as social and environmental awareness among young people, steering them away from destructive vices such as drugs.

ACQ International Children’s Day (ACQ-ICD)

acq international childrens day

Held every April 25, ACQ International Children’s Day is one of the most incredible philanthropic events ever to be held for children. Benefiting thousands of children across 55 countries, ACQ-ICD is a testament of Pastor Apollo’s love for poor children.

Gift of Education Program

Gift of Education Scholars of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

Jose Maria College (JMC) is a private non-sectarian educational institution in the Philippines founded by Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy in 2002, located at the KJC Compound, Sasa, Davao City . 80% of the students in JMC are Pastor Apollo’s scholars.

ACQ College of Ministries (ACQCM)

ACQ College of Ministries

The ACQCM is the theological educational institution of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ The Name Above Every Name, where Kingdom members/workers are given deep theological education and taught the discipline of obedience and excellence.