The Book of Witnesses: Anointing of the Appointed Son of God


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Sis. Nilda Linda-Ogata and other witnesses recount the events of that fateful Wednesday night when the Almighty Father Himself anointed the Appointed Son, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, for a special mission — to gather His sheep and lead them unto repentance and salvation.

They were a small group of people — mostly mountain folk from a once unknown place called Tamayong, Davao City in the southern part of the Philippines — blessed and fortunate to witness the extraordinary event that took place on March 20, 1974.

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A Testimony by Sis. Nilda Linda-Ogata

I was thirteen years old at the time. I could never forget what I saw and witnessed when our Beloved Pastor was anointed. It was March 20, 1974, a Wednesday night.

While Pastor (Apollo) was preaching, he suddenly stopped speaking and raised his hands with his eyes closed. He was saying, “Yes, Lord. Yes, Lord.”

While we were looking at Pastor Apollo, he asked us:  “Do you see what I see, brothers and sisters?” Suddenly, we smelled a fragrant scent inside the church.

It was because Pastor Apollo saw the Almighty Father bringing a flask and pouring oil upon his head. It was proof that the Father Himself was the One who anointed him (Pastor).

He then said to us, “Believe it or not. This day, the Lord, Himself, anointed me.”

Miracles like those helped us continue (in serving him) because (those miracles cannot) be done by any man. The Bible says, “If this man is not of God, he could do nothing.” It made our faith firm in believing that Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy is really sent by the Almighty Father.

A Testimony by Sis. Nicasia Cabuyao

I am Nicasia Cabuyao. I am one of the 15 pioneer members that were with our Beloved Pastor Apollo ever since.

My brothers and sisters, the Kingdom Ministry was founded on the faith and revelations (given by the Almighty Father) to our Beloved Pastor.

There came a time when Pastor (Apollo) was anointed by the Almighty Father. One of our brothers, who still remain in this Ministry, witnessed it.

He saw a big hand holding a flask, like a pitcher, pouring oil upon the head of our Beloved Pastor (Apollo) while he was preaching in a small chapel of the United Pentecostal Church (in Tamayong). Our Beloved Pastor was anointed by the Almighty Father and He is now reigning over all the earth.

The miracles continued.

There was the “miracle rain” — we felt like it was raining but when we touched our heads, they were dry. We really felt soaked. Then when we raised our hands, we smelled the heavenly fragrance.

Sometimes, we saw the feet of the angels and their sandals. Then we thought to ourselves, “Thank you Father because You are the One working in the midst of this Ministry.”

I also witnessed in those days how Pastor Apollo unceasingly prayed to the Father for the world to understand His Ministry. The persecutions from the neighbors were intense. Sometimes, they threw stones at us. Sometimes, they threw stones at the sanctuary.

Even the small children called our Beloved Pastor, “Cult!”

But during those days, the faith of those who followed him and witnessed all the miracles with our Beloved Pastor (Apollo) was strengthened. Until there came a revelation from the Father that the ministry from that mountain (in Tamayong) will reach all over the world.

Sometimes, when Pastor Apollo fellowshipped with us, we’d look at each other (in disbelief) because of our carnal mind. But the Spirit of the Almighty Father strengthened our faith.

Everything that our Beloved Pastor (Apollo) pronounced (in those days) is now coming into fulfillment in these last days.

I thank the Almighty Father because until now, I have remained in His Kingdom Nation. It began in poverty, prospered, and reached all over the world. I thank the Father that I am still here in His Kingdom Ministry.