Congratulations SMNI — Road to Number One


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Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, the Founder of Sonshine Media Network International (SMNI), congratulates the men and women behind the great success of the global TV network during its 1st SMNI Agila Awards.

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1st SMNI Agila Awards

To the hardworking and dedicated men and women of Sonshine Media Network International, welcome to the very first SMNI Agila Awards. 

Our corporate affirmation for the past two years has been SMNI: Road to Number One. 

Today, my heart swells with pride and joy, as I tell you, the road to NUMBER ONE is just around the corner. We are almost there. 

Not to be self-serving, but today, SMNI is the most trusted source of news in the country. With the unmasking of the vicious handiworks of biased news reportage in the Philippines, the proliferation of fake news funded by propaganda machineries, traditional media in the country fell from grace and are now a subject of scorn and ridicule. 

SMNI is the exact opposite. It is loved and respected.

For the Filipinos, SMNI is a breath of fresh air. It delivers nothing but fair, truthful, and balanced news. 

Above all, our credibility cannot be bought by money. By standing our ground and not caving into the lures of money, we have kept our values and principles intact. 

As I have said in my program Powerline, ang SMNI ay hindi magtataksil sa taumbayan. SMNI will never betray the people. 

This credibility on which we stand was founded upon years of sacrifice. Through the years, we operated on truth and honesty. We built and put together the strong and formidable edifice of this network brick by brick, with sweat, tears, and blood, keeping our focus on the goal of being an alternative media that will end the toxic media culture in the country that feeds our people with sensationalism, sex, violence, and perversion of moral values. 

We have triumphed on being an alternative media. The people have seen what SMNI is all about – that we are for nation-building. That we are for the preservation of the values of our people. That we are here to deliver the truth. 

Today, SMNI enters the arena of MAINSTREAM MEDIA. 

This means great challenges. And for that, we aim to: 

  1. Establish more news bureaus locally and internationally.
  2. Foster the revolution of excellence in reporting
  3. Maintain fair, balanced, and truthful delivery of news 
  4. Make SMNI more visible nationwide by putting up more towers for TV and radio in all cities and provinces 
  5. Secure provisional authority 
  6. Produce saleable programs that will be interesting and enticing to all viewers and captured audience  

If you are a TV and radio anchor, a news presenter, a correspondent, a writer, a layout artist, a video editor, social media staff, admin staff, cameraman, technical staff, member of the transportation department, always keep a laser-like focus on the goal: TO BE THE NUMBER ONE. In order to be number one, every day must be a practice of excellence, hard work, and sacrifice.  

You are my foot soldiers exposed on the frontlines and I want you to be strong and invincible from within. Once you are solid on your spiritual foundation, once you are protected from within, you will always have the spiritual shield of protection from day to day. Despite your busyness, never forget to nurture and nourish your spiritual life and relationship with the Father. Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. Never be tempted by the lures of the flesh, the love of money, and the pride of life. Don’t be an airhead just because you are being shown on TV and are rubbing elbows with popular personalities and people in power. 

Always remember, SMNI’s glory and prestige emanates only from the Appointed Son of God. SMNI is nothing without the Appointed Son and you must remain attached and connected to me spiritually. 

Look at the SMNI Logo. That is my head figure. That is the essence of the network. What SMNI has become today is ONLY through the Appointed Son of God and not by any personality. All glory, honor, and praise must only be ascribed to the Almighty Father through His Appointed Son. 

By this guidance and blessing, I leave you with great aspirations for the near future. I commend each one who has taken part in the very first SMNI Agila Awards. I congratulate all the winners and even those who did not win, because I know that all of you have done your excellent best for SMNI’s endeavors in the past year despite the pandemic. 

I bestow my blessings upon all of you, the working hands behind the great success of SMNI. 

And always remember our corporate affirmation: SMNI, Road to Number One.  

May the Almighty Father’s blessings through His Appointed Son be upon you all!