Give Us This Day @ 18


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Give Us This Day is the very first program of the Kingdom that was aired in real-time.

From its humble makeshift set to a state-of-the-art studio, the program has become an avenue to showcase the Kingdom’s anointed songs of worship and has paved the way for many to be enlightened by the message of the Appointed Son of God.

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In the 1990s, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy had a dream revelation. He was in a great hurry because a huge crowd was waiting for him at the gym where he frequently played basketball.

As he entered the place, the people welcomed him with deafening applause, and out of nowhere, a voice announced, “It’s showtime!”

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy did not know what the dream revelation meant at the time. Years passed and that same basketball court in Pastor’s dream was eventually transformed into what it is now — the SMNI Worldwide Broadcast Studios — where Pastor Apollo regularly hosts the LIVE broadcast of Give Us This Day.

Now the meaning of that dream revelation is clear. Every time Pastor Apollo enters the studio, he is seen LIVE all over the world.

Give Us This Day (GUTD) began broadcasting on May 28, 2003. During its 18th Anniversary episode, Pastor Apollo shared some of his fondest memories of GUTD’s early years.

“We started the program in a makeshift studio with less than professional cameras. We were just starting then, and our media outfit (SMNI) was not yet as big as it is today.”

“We started very small and very puny in the sight of the big media corporations that they just brush us aside.”

The makeshift set was made in the KJC Cathedral which had to be dismantled from time to time to make way for Pastor Apollo’s regular Sunday worship services.

“The Father blessed us. He said that if you have faith as big as that of a grain of a mustard seed, you can command this mountain, and this mountain will be removed as you command.”

“It grew from there and the rest is history. Eighteen (18) years ago, it was just like a dream. Now, here we are in this world-class studio, being seen all over the world. SMNI is growing and has now become the most credible media outfit in the Philippines.”

Give Us This Day is the very first program of the Kingdom that was aired in real-time. It became an avenue to showcase the Kingdom’s anointed songs of worship. These are original Kingdom music that is written, composed, and arranged by the Kingdom’s talented singers and musicians who are all homegrown and trained by the Appointed Son himself.

GUTD is much like a Bible School on air where Pastor Apollo’s global audience gain deeper knowledge and understanding of the Words of God.

Initially intended only for Kingdom members, televiewers, and sympathizers, Pastor Apollo’s Give Us This Day program has now attracted viewers from all walks of life, even those who persecute and bash the ministry.

It has miraculously paved the way for many to be enlightened by the message of the Appointed Son. This has become a fulfillment of another dream revelation that Pastor Apollo had on August 24, 1991, when the Almighty Father gave him the power to sway the hearts and minds of men on a national scale.

Give Us This Day - Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

As the Appointed Son, Pastor Apollo delivers the spiritual truths that are essential to the salvation of mankind. However, when he conveys his stake on current issues, people see his other side — a concerned and sensible Filipino citizen whose standpoint can never be undervalued.

“Even though it is not my ministry, the Father gave me wisdom to help the people and this country to understand the Will of God through political ideas on how this country should run, for we are the stakeholders of this country.”

While the world is engulfed in a pandemic, Give Us This Day adjusted to the new normal, yet it continues to serve as a wellspring of healing, hope, and enlightenment to many in these trying times.

Waves of change have taken shape in eighteen (18) years since GUTD aired LIVE on television. Still, the message that Pastor Apollo brings to the world remains the same. His passion in delivering the message of enlightenment never wavered and has even become more ardent as he leads more souls into the Father’s sheepfold.

Indeed, every time Pastor Apollo faces the camera, “It’s showtime!” — time to show the will of God to all the world.