Official Statement of The Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KJC) on the September 2019 Hawaii Issue


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The Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KJC) TNAEN, Inc. strongly dismisses anew the allegation of Kristina Angeles that ‘she saw Pastor Quiboloy and Felina Salinas ordered the smuggling of cash from California to the Philippines’ as an outrageous lie, a figment of her fertile imagination and only intended to malign the unblemished reputation of the Kingdom.

In a news report by Hawaii News Now on September 10, 2019 and in other media outlets, federal prosecutors said former church member Kristina Angeles saw Pastor Quiboloy and Ms. Salinas order church members to smuggle hundreds of thousands of dollars from California to the Philippines on two separate occasions in 2013 and 2014. The baseless accusations went on further that “Church members concealed U.S. currency in black socks” and “the socks were packed in a suitcase which was transported in the Philippines”.

Surely, these make-believe imputations of Ms. Angeles are not novel. In the past, she has also accused Pastor Quiboloy of raping her while she was still in the Philippines. As expected, the rape charges did not prosper for being baseless, unfounded and for lack of evidence. She failed to narrate in detail when, where and how the rape was perpetrated. Similarly, she is now accusing Pastor Quiboloy and Ms. Salinas of having ordered the smuggling operations which happened in 2013 or 2014 or more than five years ago. First of all, the fact that she only made the statement five (5) years after the alleged “smuggling” operations makes her motive or intention suspect. Second, what does she know of “smuggling” or any of the provisions of the customs law? Third, she mentions that Pastor Quiboloy and Felina Salinas ordered the smuggling of dollars from California to the Philippines, yet she never bothered to name who among the more than seven million members of KJC were allegedly ordered by the two to smuggle the cash. Ms. Angeles likewise failed to explain why would Felina Salinas be ordering KJC members in California when Ms. Salinas is mainly based in Hawaii and there are assigned Kingdom Administrators in California.

Thus, the KJC would like to take this opportunity to specifically deny the accusation that there was a directive or order from Pastor Quiboloy or Ms. Salinas to smuggle cash or any contraband some five or six years ago. It bears emphasis that Ms. Angeles’ accusations are couched in general terms which are too easy to fabricate and too convenient an accusation to instill belief. Her statements are wanting in definiteness or particularity that, in addition to what has already been stated, she even failed to mention how, when, or where did the alleged smuggling happen. There was no mention, too, who among the members of the KJC were specifically directed to smuggle the cash. Moreover, Ms. Angeles’ narration of “smuggling” is full of ambiguities, loopholes and inconsistencies. Even from the start, her claims have been unfailingly incredible, unlikely, and preposterous which should not merit even the slightest of attention and unless supported by compelling evidence, such claims should not be taken seriously. It should be noted that to this date, all her allegations remain as such.

While we are all busy giving attention to Ms. Angeles’ fiasco, it should not escape our attention that Ms. Angeles has long been standing trial in a State Court for sexual abuse charges for sexually assaulting a young lady who was also a member of the KJC, lest we all fall into her diversionary tactics of covering up her previous transgressions and to further delay her criminal prosecution. Evidently, she seems to be succeeding in her strategy especially with the help of her cohorts who hide under her shadow while taking advantage of her gullibility and naivety.

Furthermore, to prove her propensity of being a habitual delinquent and sexual transgressor, it is worth mentioning that she had also been subjected to various disciplinary proceedings while she was still in the KJC Philippines. She had been subjected to successive disciplinary and reformative proceedings for engaging in immoral and unjust conducts, such as forcing herself into other women members, for engaging in amorous relations with mostly elder male members, consistently lying and concealing facts from the Kingdom, expressing hate and rebellious gestures to the Kingdom, all in violation of the KJC’s precepts. And despite all her transgressions, she was always forgiven by the Kingdom.

Based on the foregoing, it is not far-fetched that the “smuggling” accusation of Ms. Angeles which should have been done some five (5) years ago, is merely a form of harassment to retaliate for the sexual abuse charges filed against her. Of course, this could not be made possible without the help or perhaps at the behest of her cohorts who have more sinister motives. Even so, the Kingdom is confident that in appropriate time, Ms. Angeles’ blatant and intricate web of lies will be exposed and those who have authored this conspiracy of bringing down the Kingdom will be brought to justice, by the grace of the Almighty Father.

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