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On Tuesday, September 14, 2021, the Kingdom of Jesus Christ’s Legal Counsel conducted a press conference in Davao City to respond to Manny Pacquiao’s charges against Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy filed on the same day at the Makati City Prosecutor’s Office.

Official Statement on Manny Pacquiao's cyberlibel charges


Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy has yet to recieve a copy of the cyber libel complaint filed by Senator Manny Pacquiao before the Makati City Prosecutor’s Office. Nevertheless, Pastor Quiboloy is ready to respond to the accusations against him.

We maintain that every citizen has the right to inquire, to hear, to speak, and make commentaries about the actions of public officials. The interest of society and the maintenance of good government demand a full discussion of public affairs. In a democratic society, public officials like Senator Manny Pacquiao should expect criticisms and critical evaluation of their performances from the citizens whom they are expected to serve. As Thomas Jefferson would put it, “he assumes himself as a public property.”

To this end, Pastor Quiboloy merely exercised that right in properly respectful terms. In fact, he never made any accusation against the good Senator, but only floated a question regarding that matter on behalf of the people who wanted answers.

The complaint of Senator Manny Pacquiao may be considered as retaliatory and a political move on his part considering that the election is coming and we shall do all within our power to ensure that this complaint will not curtail what is a constitutionally protected speech and expression.

As soon as we recieve the copy of the Complaint and we file our counter-affidavit, we will await for the fair and impartial Resolution of the City Prosecutor of Makati.