On Hardwork and Perseverance


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Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, who was fondly called “Dodong” when he was still a young boy, was close to his mother, Maria “Sica” Carreon.

Sica had been a witness to her son’s spiritual odyssey. From the day he was born to his formative years, from the time of his isolation and spiritual training in Tamayong for five (5) grueling years to the establishment and early years of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, she never left Pastor Apollo’s side.

Pastor Apollo remembers her as a prolific woman in everything she did — full of wisdom, rich in faith, abundant in love.

She had been instrumental in molding the young Apollo before the time appointed by the Father for the activation of his calling. She taught him the value of hard work, perseverance, discipline, honesty, and integrity.

At a time when Pastor Apollo has almost reached the limit of his human capacity to endure the pain and hardships he was going through, Sica taught him one of life’s most important lessons. She told him, “Just hold on. A man who endures can achieve anything he desires.”

If Sica were here today, she would be testifying in our midst talking about the Almighty Father’s amazing and wonderful works. She would attest to how the ministry of the Appointed Son began, and why we should all be filled with utmost gratitude unto the Almighty Father for all that He has done, for everything that He has given, including the salvation of our souls.

As we remember her on this special day for all the mothers around the world, we thank the Almighty Father for her dedication, her countless sacrifice, and her significant role in the life of the Appointed Son.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers around the world!