How to overcome the Crisis of Faith?


Questions Answered by Pastor ACQ

Is it possible for a Kingdom Citizen to still encounter a “crisis of faith” even when he has already passed his “Kitbog experience”?

How do you prevent doubts and questions from entering your mind when you are in the growing stage?

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When you are in your Tamayong experience, you are going through the fire (baptism of fire). It is called overcoming.

We do not talk about doubts when you are in your Tamayong because that has already been resolved in your Kitbog. You already know that this ministry is of God. There is no doubt about it.

You do not go into your Tamayong when you still have doubts, you go back to your Kitbog. 

But when you solidly believe and are 100% sure — knowing in faith that this ministry is of God, you go through your Tamayong.

In your Tamayong, you will encounter factors that weaken you. Doubts and questions may come back.

What will you do? You overcome them.

Have faith in the Father, and He will give you the strength to overcome.

That is why He said in Revelation 21:7, “He that overcometh shall inherit all things.”

Who will overcome for you? You!

You are walking on that path. Would you decide to become an overcomer? 

To overcome all the obstacles, overcome all the doubts, and overcome all the questions… it is in your hands.

The Father is molding you to become a strong person so that when you go to the third level of (spiritual) growth — proclaimed as a son or daughter of the Father — you can already be called an overcomer.

If you are not able to overcome the fire, partly it is also your fault because it is your decision not to overcome.

But if you are decided to overcome, no matter what, faith will take you there. Praise the Father!

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