“The Second Coming has already begun. The Son is blowing the trumpet.”

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ


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Pastor Apollo Quiboloy says, “I will simplify the Second Coming for you: The version of denomination and religion of the Second Coming, and even the version of the Jewish Age, is that He will come in pomp and glory, vanquish all His enemies physically, kill all of them and then establish the Nation of Israel to be above all nations of the earth. Physical. Wrong.”

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I thank the Father Almighty for all the blessings that we have received from Him because that is who we are today, we have produced an Appointed Son to be entrusted with His Kingdom Nation.

Because the Jewish Age and the Church Age were not able to produce a Son that will inherit all things, He took away the Kingdom from them. He gave it to a nation that will produce the fruits thereof. And it always starts with one man.

That’s why Isaiah 60:22 says

“A little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation: I the Lord will hasten it in his time.” 

It did not happen to them. We are so fortunate that I was chosen and have succeeded where they had failed.

So, from the time of the deception of Adam, our first parent in the flesh, the Father continued His work of salvation in salvaging man.

To salvage means ‘to save.’ Save us from who? From the one who kidnapped us – and that is Satan Lucifer the devil. He kidnapped our first parents. Instead, the Father living in them, he lived in them by deception and flattered them by making a god out of them. From that time on, the timeline of salvation, the storyline of salvation goes to say that the Father did not give up on us.

The Jewish Age

The Almighty Father continued His salvation work through Adam. We have all heard about Noah and the propagation of his three sons. We have heard about the calling of Abraham, and that Abraham produced Isaac, and Isaac produced Jacob… and from then, the twelve tribes of Israel, the chosen nation. They were all called for only one purpose – to produce a Son in the likeness of Adam, from the progeny or the generation of Adam that will finally use his freedom of choice to follow the Father’s Will.

The Almighty Father chose the Jewish nation through Abraham, and then He gave them the Covenant but they did not accept the most important part of it, which is the spiritual component. They rejected it. But because the Father loved them so much, He gave them a Model, an Example. He sent His Word that was made flesh who lived among them, and told them, “This is how I want you to be while on this earth, pleasing to me, doing my Will, and this earth will be blessed through you.”

But they did not understand that. They were content in the physicality of the Covenant. Their leaders rejected the Model because they wanted to be like other nations – physical nations, material nations, secular nations who had their own kings, who had their own systems, which were secular systems.

Despite that, the Father still loved them. He still sent His Word who was made flesh, to give them an example. But instead of receiving Him, the spiritual component of that Covenant, they crucified Him. Yet, the Almighty Father through the Words of the Begotten Son, the Word made flesh, gave us the Model of that Covenant by the Testament (the Covenant, or the Agreement) that He left behind, which is now His Words.

But because they did not receive it, He took away the Kingdom from them and gave it to another – the Gentile nation.

The Kingdom of Heaven is Given to the Gentiles

The Gentile nation entered into the Covenant, which before they were not a part of; they were not included in the Covenant because if you are a non-Jew, you are treated like a dog, you are an outsider, you have nothing to do with the Covenant. But then the Father opened it to the non-Jews or the Gentiles by calling Peter and sending him to the land where he was not supposed to go because they were Gentiles.

Remember Cornelius? How Peter saw a vision of a white ship that came from heaven, full of different kinds of animals, clean and unclean; and the voice said, “Peter, go up, and kill and eat,” and Peter said, “There’s nothing unclean that came into my mouth, Lord.” And the Father said, “Do not call unclean the things God has made clean.” This means that now the Gentiles are included. They are now clean before the sight of the Father. They are now included in the march towards salvation. So Peter went there and that was the beginning of the opening of the door of salvation to the Gentiles, the non-Jews. And so, the Church Age was born. 

The followers of Jesus Christ, the apostles, left behind their epistles which were congruent to the life of Jesus Christ. If you put these epistles together it means a changing of the spirit within. But when the apostles and Jesus Christ left this earth, it was handed down to the followers. This is how the deception began because the original followers of Jesus Christ were persecuted in the Roman Empire. For 300-400 years, they were killed, though they were not eliminated no matter how much the Roman emperors killed them. Instead, they spread like wildfire.

The Merging of Paganism and “Christianity”

So one of the emperors named Constantine had a very bright political idea. He said, “I will not kill them anymore. It doesn’t work. I will just invent this way of joining them; and I will even sign the Edict of Tolerance, and tell them: Come out, we will not persecute you. In fact, we will honor you.”

Constantine wanted to join them with the Pagans who had many gods and many temples. In those days, the followers of Jesus Christ did not have temples. They lived underground, in catacombs, and so forth. But the Pagans? They were free. They had temples. They had rituals.

For the followers of Jesus Christ to believe that what he was saying was genuine, Constantine himself converted and said, “I’ll become a follower of Jesus Christ.” And they became known as the Christians.

The Christians were not named by Jesus Christ. It was the unbelievers who named them Christians.

To convince them, Constantine released the Edict of Tolerance. He called them out, saying, “I will be one with you.” The Christians were happy; the followers of Jesus Christ were very happy. They were no longer being killed; in fact, they were honored. They were accepted by society.

They did not know that it was the beginning of their deception. Satan could not eliminate them, that’s why he said, “I will penetrate them.”  He came in and pretended to be like them, but he did not change being a Pagan. He became a follower of Jesus Christ or a Christian in name only. But the beliefs of Paganism remained the same.

In order to fuse them together, to unite his Roman Empire, Constantine called one of the bishops, Athanasius, and commanded him, “Make this idea of joining the many gods and the One God.” 

The idea came in 325 A.D. in the Nicean Council, what we call the Trinitarian dogma – acceptable to the believers of One God and acceptable to the believers of many gods; so they were united. But the purity of the truth was diluted. It was adulterated by false doctrine. Instead of the Holy One, there came the Holy Three.

The Christians said, “It does not matter, as long as we are not persecuted anymore. We’ll just tolerate one another. We’ll just live and let live.”

This was the beginning of the marriage of Paganism and Christianity – it produced sons and daughters called Catholics. You see? That is why they have idols. Followers of Jesus Christ don’t believe in idols, but Athanasius married Paganism (the belief of many gods) and the belief in One God. The One God was covered. The followers of the new religion now believed in the more popular Nicean Council Edict of Trinitarian dogma. If you did not believe in it, you would be persecuted, you would be killed, and you would be called a heretic.

Salvation is Covered by Religious Deception

This was how it all began. The purity was eliminated. Salvation was covered. It was twisted. They used the Name. They used His Words, but it was all twisted up, covered, and set aside. Everything was in name only – and this was the beginning of the deception.

second coming of Jesus Christ

Satan said, “If I cannot eliminate them through killing and persecution, I will penetrate them.” And he did, even up to now. That is why when they were given the Kingdom, they were not able to produce a Son that will inherit all things from the Father because everything is now false. They believe in the Name. They believe in the Word. They use it. They preach it but they don’t follow it. That is where Satan had really deceived them.

And so, for 1,935 years, the Father waited and waited and waited, until He could wait no more.

The Almighty Father Calls Forth His Son

On April 25, 1950, a child was born from the fallen Adamic race. The mother of this child heard a voice while delivering this child and the voice of God said, “That is my son.” 

This child grew up, hearing those words from his parents, but did not know that the calling of God was upon him. And when that calling was activated, he was sent into two mountains in six years and was finally given the enlightenment that “You are the chosen one,” chosen by the Father Almighty; that although chosen, he has to undergo the natural process of physical growth and he has to undergo the natural process of spiritual growth until the six years were over.

The six years passed. This child grew up in the knowledge and understanding and under the nurture of a Heavenly Teacher, the Father Almighty, and as soon as he was enlightened, he used his freedom of choice to follow the Father’s Will no matter what.

Satan Lucifer the devil could do nothing to get him back because while Adam and Eve were led into bondage through their freedom of choice, this one, coming from the fallen Adamic race, used his freedom of choice to follow the Father’s Will no matter what.

“By the disobedience of one man, all will die, but by the obedience of one, all will live.” The Begotten Son’s life is the Model because He was the one who brought the Covenant, the New Testament, for man to finally receive the spiritual component of salvation.

Finally, on April 13, 2005, the Church Age was declared over. They were not able to produce a Son. The Kingdom Age began.

Matthew 21:43

Therefore say I unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof.

The Kingdom was taken from the Jewish Age, given to the Church Age, but they bore no fruit. What did they produce? The produced bishops, popes, ministers, deacons, priests, nuns… and they were all presented to the Father and the Father said, “These are the fruits that you present to me? Not accepted. These are not my fruits. 

These are not the fruits of the Covenant that I brought to you. These are your own fruits.”  So the Church Age was not accepted and the Father, at last, established His own salvation. That’s why I am here today.

The Son is Produced

The Kingdom Age has finally begun. We are now in the Kingdom Age, under the administration of the Father through the Appointed Son. What am I producing? I am producing fruits pleasing to the Father. These are the sons and daughters that have repented, eliminated the serpent seed of disobedience against the Father’s Will, surrendered it, and accepted a new spirit of obedience to the Father’s Will. This gives true meaning to the born again experience of John 3:5“Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.”

Spirit of what? OBEDIENCE TO THE FATHER’S WILL through our freedom of choice. We now follow Him. We will go through the fire. We will go through the water. And through our freedom of choice, we will overcome, using the Appointed Son as our model, the first finished product of that salvation.

Now, the Father has produced a body that is truly His own: tried and tested. But He did not produce a body just like that. He produced this body and this Son, that although he is the Son, heir of all things, he learned obedience through the things that he suffered.

Galatians 4:1-7

1 Now I say, That the heir, as long as he is a child, differeth nothing from a servant, though he be lord of all;

2 But is under tutors and governors until the time appointed of the father.

Hebrews 5:8

Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered.

So, even though I was already appointed, I have to go through the fire to learn obedience. I suffered, brothers and sisters. Until now, I am being made to suffer, but that is part and partial of being a Son. You also, part and partial of you being sons and daughters, you will go through the water, and then after that, you will go through the fire.

Do you love the fire? If you are gold, you are not afraid of the fire. If you are genuine, you are not afraid of the fire. And when the Father produced a Son, through the fire, through the water; through the fire – through test and trial for five years in one mountain, He is now able to come back.

The Second Coming is Here

I will simplify the Second Coming of Jesus Christ for you — the version of denomination and religion of the Second Coming, and even the version of the Jewish Age, is that He will come in pomp and glory, vanquish all His enemies physically, kill all of them and then establish the Nation of Israel to be above all nations of the earth. Physical. Wrong.

The version of denomination and religion is the same: always looking up to the heavens for the trumpet to sound. “Because I am a Christian, I am a born again,” they claim.

In the Church Age, they all bring His Name; they all bring His Words. They are always looking and always anticipating to hear the sound of the trumpet and then, all of those that believe – the Christians – will rise up and have a glorified body, and meet Him in the air. Wrong. Wrong interpretation because you have the wrong Jesus Christ in your interpretation. You also have the wrong interpretation of His Second Coming. 

If, for instance, before I came, that your interpretation is right… and He came… who will He take up with Him? No one has claimed to be the Appointed Son of God. No one was produced as the heir of heaven or the inheritor of heaven. Will He take with Him the believers of the Holy Three? Be thankful that it did not happen, because if it did, none of you would be taken up. That’s why it will not happen that way.

Before He comes, He is looking for sons and daughters, free of the serpent seed of disobedience, repented, cleansed, sanctified, made holy, only beholden to His Will.

Everything is subjugated under the feet of that Son – flesh, power, money, and secularity. You think I am in the flesh, that my flesh is not subjugated before Him? I live like a human being like you, but when I am made to make a choice, I will always choose the Will of the Father, no matter what.

             “Oh, I will kill you if you will not obey me.” 

             “Kill me, because I will still obey Him.” 

             “Even if I kill your flesh?”

             “Even if you kill my flesh.” 

             “Even if I take everything from you?”

             “Yes! Take it all.” 

That’s why I heard the Words of the Father (in Korea) say, “I will use you,” when they were singing that song, Take it All.

So when I am pushed to make a decision… in those five years, I was pushed every day to make a decision. My decision was always to follow the Father’s Will. Through fear? The devil terrorized me there many times, “I will kill you,” he said. And I said, “I will still follow His Will, no matter what.” That’s why the phrase “I will follow the Father’s Will, no matter what” was made. It was because of that. Even now, take it all.

Some people, when they are pushed to the wall during a trial and temptation, their response is:

             “Ah… my loyalty is to my children.”

             “My loyalty is to my parents.”

             “My loyalty is to my material things.”

             “My loyalty is to my wife.”

             “My loyalty is to my husband.”

             “My loyalty is to my employer.”

When you are pushed to the wall, your true life within shows who you are – gold or wood, or hay or stubble. When the fire visits you and you are not genuine, you will be burned and you will disappear. That’s why I am your Model.

So when the Father produced a Son, that Son did not remain a child who was born. He grew up spiritually in Tamayong, and now, a Son is given to the world.

My mother heard “That’s my Son” in 1950. When I grew up in Him, and I heard His voice that said, “Now, You are my Son,” it means that He can now come. It was the beginning of the Second Coming.

This is the Son’s version of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. It is the true version. Believe it or not, it is the true version of the Second Coming.

The Almighty Father Now Has a Residence

That’s why from the time when I heard His voice that said, “You are my Son,” I did not hear His voice outside of me anymore. I heard Him continually in those five years through visions, revelations, dreams, and audible voice, but as soon as I heard Him say “Now, You are my Son,” I did not hear Him anymore.

So I asked Him, “Father, what happened? I don’t see the miracles anymore.” I was used to those miracles happening in those five years, and I liked it so much because those were the years of the spiritual training that really catapulted me into the stratosphere of spiritual experience that no man has experienced in this world today, except me.

So, I asked Him, “What happened?” 

He answered me, “My Son, everything now is finished. Your training is now finished. I am not outside of you anymore. That is why you don’t hear My voice anymore. I am now inside of you. You are now my Temple. You are now my Residence. You are now my House. You are now my Church. You are now my Tabernacle.”

He now can finally come and have a house here where He can dwell and that Son will be the heir of all things.

Revelation 21:7 says, “He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.” That is the Son.

So, you ask me, “How I was made an Appointed Son?”  That’s it, Revelation 21:7. I was able to overcome Satan Lucifer the devil and not only overcome, but defeat him, and I inherited all things—the Sonship. I inherited heaven. Heaven is mine. The earth is mine. All the souls of humanity are mine. Whatever the Father has created is mine. Everlasting life and life eternal is mine.

The New Heaven and the New Earth

And while I am here becoming King in the Kingdom of His dominion, who are under His dominion? The New Creation, the New Creatures, the New Earth.

Who are the New Earth? You are the New Earth. Everyone who has repented, eliminated the serpent seed, and passed through water and fire and was able to overcome is the Father’s New Earth.

I am the model of the New Earth. What was implanted in me are the seeds of the Father Almighty bearing fruits to eternal life – love, peace, joy, goodness, gentleness, meekness, faith, and long-suffering. These are the fruits of the New Earth.

That is why we have a New Heaven. Because the old heavens that were taught us are the old heavens of denomination and religion.

All those that have religion and denomination, not only in the Church Age but wherever you are, you belong to the old heavens and they are now passed away. The New Heaven is here. The New Heaven is where the righteousness of God dwells. The righteousness of God means people obeying only the Will of the Father, producing real righteousness.

2 Peter 3:13

Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.

We are looking for “new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.” You need not look anymore.

It is here! This is the fulfillment right now. You are the New Earth. What is implanted in the New Earth are the real genuine Words of the Father, not adulterated, but words that are unadulterated.

They are the product of the Holy One. We are the product of a new spirit of obedience to the Father’s Will. We are the product of loyalty to the Father’s Will, dedication, commitment only to the Father’s Will. So when He said, “I am in you,” He is now able to come and live here with us.

Why I am still here? Because when He said, “Now you are my Son,” I am the only Son that was produced. Remember, it always begins with one. If He raptured me at that time, I will be the only one to be raptured. What about you? You will still be in the grave of disobedience. That’s why He sent me.

The Trumpet Message

“A Son is given to the world.” He said, My Son, now I will send you into all the world, where I have children. You don’t know them; they don’t know you, but when they hear your voice, they will follow it, because my sheep know my voice.”

In the Second Coming, the trumpet will blow. Do you know who will blow the trumpet?

I am blowing the trumpet. The trumpet is the message. What is the message? Repent! Eliminate the serpent seed of disobedience against the Father’s Will!

The trumpet is still blowing. It began on April 13, 2005. I am gathering all the children, sons and daughters. All that will listen to me will have a New Spirit. You will, first of all, receive a New Spirit. The old one is eliminated. The old one will go out and a new one will come in. The disobedience will go out and the obedience will come in. 

The Son is the Standard of Righteousness

Are you perfecting obedience? Or is there still disobedience there? If there is still disobedience there while you are walking in a new life of obedience to the Father’s Will, and then you are still a child. You need to grow. You need to go through you Tamayong, your fire.

If you already are like me, it means you have gone through the fire, and there is no disobedience left in you and your mind is always focused on the Father’s Will, not on you.

When you are always focusing on yourself, you are not looking at the standard. You don’t see the standard. You are always measuring everything according to yourself. That is the serpent seed. When you say, “According to me,” you are still the god. You have not surrendered. You have not repented. That is why He gave me as a teacher. Without me, you would not know this.

When you truly become a son or a daughter declared by the Father, your perceptions always become according to Him. According to the Son. Is it according to the Son? So you and I become one, just as I and my Father are one.

I always perceive according to Him. Why am I excellent? Because that is His Will. Why do I clean every day? Is it because a guest is coming? Before you knew me, you only clean when you have a guest. Why are you cleaning the streets? Because the president is coming. But for me, why do I clean every day? It’s because it is according to Him. 

2 Corinthians 7:1

Having, therefore, these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.”

Let us cleanse ourselves first from the filthiness of the spirit, the disobedient spirit against the Father’s Will. Why am I obedient? Why am I kind? Why am I full of joy? Is it because I want to please man? Is it because I have a guest coming and I want to be pleased by them?

No, Sir. I am like that because that is what He said. I am like this every day. I am full of joy, peace, and love because that is what He said. Whether I am in the mountain, in the city, underground, above the ground, in the air or wherever you find me, I am like this because that is what He said.

I am not full of love, patience, joy, and kindness because I want to please man. No. I please God. When I am alone, I am still kind; I am still good. When I am with people, I am still good, I am still kind. Why? Because that is who I am according to Him. That is what pleases Him.

So, whether you are here or not, I am what I am in the righteousness of God because it is according to Him. We are pleasing to Him. I am not here to please man. My life will be pleasing before Him always.

In order to be pleasing before Him, I always ask myself, “Father, is this your Will?” When the Father says, “Yes,” although people will malign me and persecute me because of it, I don’t care, as long as the Father is pleased.

That’s why I told you, persecution and praise are all the same to me. They do not move me, as long as it is the Father who is always pleased with what I am doing every second, every minute, every hour, every day, and all of my life. So, be like your model. Whether I am visiting you or not, you have to clean. Don’t say, “Ah, let’s clean our KLC because Pastor is coming.” It’s hypocritical.

You have to clean every day because that is according to me. When you do, you have focused on the standard of the Father through the Appointed Son.

Everything we do should be according to the Will of the Father. Whether you are alone or not, what pleases the Father through the Appointed Son is what you do. In public or in private, we are always centered on the Father’s Will.

The Rapture is Taking Place

And I have poured out the righteousness of the Father over into your hearts. When you hear my voice, you go out from your grave of sin and are resurrected into life. Those of you who have done good, who have repented and followed my voice in eradicating the serpent seed of disobedience and have received the new spirit of obedience to His Will; you who have gone through the water, through fire and were able to overcome, you are one of those who will be raptured.

The rapture is taking place right now. That is why there is a New Jerusalem. He chose a city that will become His New Jerusalem. The spiritual capital of the world is the Covenant Mountain and Paradise Garden of Eden Restored. That is one part of the earth that is connected to heaven. It is not a property for everyone. It is the property of heaven, where the perfect Will of the Father is being obeyed and where all His Covenant is fulfilled and where the Agreement was signed by one from the fallen Adamic race.

So the first phase of the rapture is when you listen to my voice, and you accept it; and then you went through your first act of faith, which is baptism through water; and then through the baptism of fire. And if you were able to stand wherever you are, your spirit is has been raptured to the New Jerusalem, the heaven on earth.

The version of religion and denomination that when you are raptured, you will be transferred to heaven… where is that heaven?

Do you know what heaven is? Heaven is another planet untouched by man hanging up there in the universe. Will you all of a sudden go up there? No, no. It is only the cleansed, the sanctified, those who have been made holy, the sons and daughters, the overcomer will inherit that.

So the first phase of heaven is when He found earth on the planet Earth. He chose a place on the planet Earth to transfer, first of all, the loyalty of your spirit from whatever loyalty you belong to – loyalty to your religion, loyalty to your secular family, loyalty to your denomination, or loyalty to any man. That loyalty will be transferred to the Appointed Son when you believe my voice and accept it, and then become loyal and committed to it until you say, “My heart is fixed and my mind is made up, I will follow the Father’s Will no matter what.” 

Your spirit is now raptured with me. Though you are not with me, wherever your physical body does not matter. As long as your spirit is transferred, and its loyalty is to the Appointed Son’s message, then you are already in the first phase of rapture.

Now, don’t be mistaken in thinking that just because you are here physically in the New Jerusalem, that you are already raptured. Do not say, “Oh, I am very close to the Prayer Mountain; I am very close to the New Jerusalem. In fact, I am from Davao City.” 

Even if you are very close to the New Jerusalem, but if your loyalty is not yet to the Appointed Son, then you are far away. You are in Pluto. You are on the farthest planet.

But those who are in America, those who are in the USA, in Canada, those in Europe, whose loyalty has been transferred to me, they are already here in the New Jerusalem. Don’t worry about the body. The body will follow where the spirit is. Where your loyalty is, where your heart is, your body will follow.

Where did you leave your heart? Where did you leave your loyalty? Where did you leave your love? I left my heart with Jesus Christ. Where Jesus Christ is there will I be also. Now, He chose me for you.

The New Jerusalem

Talking about places, the Father does not want me to praise any place more than the New Jerusalem. He is a jealous God. When I say, “Oh, this place is so beautiful,” – the Father does not want that.

The most beautiful place on the planet earth is the New Jerusalem. Where the Son is that is where the Father is. The most beautiful place on the planet earth is the place that He has chosen to transfer your loyalty to. That’s why during each (Kingdom Leaders) Convention, your body follows where your spirit is. Everyone wants to visit the New Jerusalem.

When given a chance to visit any place, where do you choose to visit? America? Hawaii? You can have those volcanoes!

There is no place that will match what the Father has chosen for the Appointed Son and for the appointed sons and daughters – and that is the New Jerusalem, where the Father has made and produced a Son in the spirit.

Now, my brothers and sisters, if He had chosen another place outside of the planet earth, as soon I was made a Son, I would be there; I would be waiting for you. But how will I preach to the planet Earth, because that is where the people are? So He chose a place here on the planet Earth and we are one of the planets hanging in the universe.

Do you know that heaven is a planet like other planets hanging out there? It is a planet given to the Appointed Son. It is the most beautiful planet in the universe. But before you can go there, you have to go to my planet here on Earth first. It is not planet Hollywood. It is planet Quiboloyan. That is my planet. That is my Earth. And that is my heaven where my Father dwells. Do you want to go there? I am the way, the truth, the life.

We Shall Be Changed

The Second Coming has begun. The Son is blowing the trumpet. And the Son is still blowing the trumpet.

1 Corinthians 15:50-55

52 In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound…

This is that moment. This is the twinkling of an eye. April 13, 2005 to April 13, 2018, how many years? Thirteen years is only a moment in eternity. In a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. This is the last trumpet message.

 and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.” 

You are the dead. But you are now raised incorruptible. The spirit within you cannot be corrupted in your choice to follow the Father’s Will just like the Appointed Son… and we shall be changed.

First of all, what has changed in you? The spirit of disobedience to a spirit of obedience. Everybody is now being transferred in their loyalty to the New Jerusalem, but others have fallen by the wayside.

When you cannot see anything but the Will of the Father and your loyalty is transferred to that Will only no matter what, you have been changed from within.

53 For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality. 

The spirit of the Son in obedience to the Father’s Will cannot be corrupted anymore by the enemy, by flesh, by money. It cannot be changed by anything. I’m still a human being like you. But when it comes to the deciding factors of where my loyalty belongs, I can leave everything behind. My spirit is already with the Father.

So don’t ever, ever try me, to put me in a corner to decide. I will always decide for the Father.

What about you? When you are put to a corner, when push becomes a shove, what is your decision? Can it be corrupted? Can it be corrupted by money? By flesh? By power? By this world? By what this world can offer?

If you can still be corrupted, you have not changed at all. You are still in the process of changing. Be like the Appointed Son!

54 So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory. 

55 O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?

The Son will be Glorified

Brothers and sisters, we are in this process right now. This is what we call the glorification stage of the Son’s ministry on this earth today.

Remember, you know the place, you know how, you know the month, you know the day. Do you know the year? No, even the Son does not know the year.

Many of you thought it would be April 25, 2018. If it happened then, you would not have known it. I would not have told you. You wouldn’t know if I had been glorified or not. I would not show it. I would still be preaching here. So, what do you think?

This is the Second Coming. When the fullness of the children of the Father is already in the Ark of Salvation, then the door will be closed. Only those that are inside will be saved.

Are you thankful that the trumpet is still sounding? More and more children of the Father will come into the Kingdom. Come! The Kingdom of heaven is on the earth today!

When the Son is glorified, all of you who have become like me will be glorified also and then you will know what glorification is all about. And then I will show you that planet. I will show you that heaven where everybody wants to go, that only you and I can go. You are able to go there because you now have a glorified body like me.

Without a glorified body, how can you go there? You cannot even go to the moon. Look at those astronauts who go to the moon. They went there through technology but that is all that they can do. But glorified bodies, they appear and disappear at will. They can go anywhere in the universe at will. I can go anywhere in seconds at will – no visa, no customs, no immigration, no nothing.

Remember, my brothers and sisters, the Second Coming is here. Jesus Christ came and found a body and He is walking amongst men.

Why is He here? He is gathering His children and making children out of them with the Appointed Son as the model. Because without children, who will inherit heaven? Nobody.

So forget about the Church Age. It has passed. This is now the Kingdom Age, the golden age of the production of sons and daughters.