What is the best part of being an Appointed Son of God?


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What is the best part of being an Appointed Son of God?

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The best part of being an Appointed Son of God is being the center of the Father’s affection and being the apple of the Father’s eye. Why do I say that? Because whenever I am going through so much oppression, even when I was in Tamayong, the only thing that I hear from the Father is “My Son, I love you.” And that resolves everything.

The Father will treat you in a mature way. He will give you hard problems and you do not feel that He is holding your hand. He seems to be absent. That experience will tell you that He is no longer treating you like a child. He is treating you like an adult. But still He is there.

When you are a child, you are always being guided. You always feel the presence of your mother or father. They are always there for you and you get addicted to that kind of treatment from God. But when He entrusts you with a work just like He trusted me, He will put you into a situation that is so hard that you do not feel His presence.

In your adulthood, you are no longer under the jurisdiction of your parents. You have to face life alone and resolve life on your own. But it does not mean that your parents do not love you. Whether you succeed or fail, your parents will be there — waiting for you.

When you succeed, they will be there to rejoice with you. When you fail, they will be there to lift you up. But you have to face all of these alone because you are now entrusted with His work as if He is there with you even if He is not present.

So when you feel that you have big problems, and it is as if God is not present, that means He has full 100% trust in you.

Just like when the apostles were on the boat, Jesus Christ was sleeping near the bow, and the big waves came, rocking the boat that they almost capsized. The apostles were afraid of drowning. Jesus Christ did not seem to care but He was there. His presence (on the boat) — that He was with them — should have been enough, but still, they (the apostles) panicked. They woke Him up crying, “Does it not matter to you that we are about to drown and go down, and you are doing nothing?” And Jesus Christ said, “Oh, ye of little faith!” (Matthew 8:23-27). That is the lesson there.

When you have faith in the Almighty Father, and you are faced with every circumstance, you do not always expect the best to happen to you — like Daniel. Daniel did not expect to be spared from the lion’s den. He was there (in the den) but the greatest miracle was that he was spared. The three Hebrew children did not expect that they would not go into the fiery furnace. In fact, their expectation was reversed. They did go there, but that is when the miracle took place.

This means that in whatever adverse circumstance you find yourself in, do not worry. Have faith! God is with you. That is enough for you to know and to believe that in whatever circumstances, even when your expectations are sometimes not what you thought — do not worry. Have faith for He is with you.

An Excerpt from Spotlight January 22, 2020 Episode