Sis. Felina’s Journey


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Felina Salinas

Sis. Felina Salinas was barely out of childhood when she faced the most harrowing nightmare of her life.

She stood there frozen and gripped with fear as the NPAs mercilessly gunned down her father, Felimon Salinas. The communist rebels also tried to kill her mother, Faustina, but by the miracle of God, she survived the attack.

This was the year 1984 in lawless Nicaragdao. Felina could still remember the face of the monster who murdered her father in cold blood. The same man returned to their store in Agdao the next day only to admit without remorse that “it was a mistaken identity.”

“Napakasakit Kuya Eddie,” the monster sang, taunting Faustina and her children.

The 14-year-old Felina was in a state of shock and trauma when I got to meet her and her family.

I have been a second father to Felina from then on. The child has been with me since the establishment of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ ministry, and together with Mariteo Canada and others, Felina was one of the children that I first took under my wing.

Eng, as we call her, lived together with the pioneer workers of the Kingdom and even had the experience of being under my biological mother Maria’s tutelage.

Felina Salinas

It took a lifetime for Sis. Felina Salinas to heal from such an experience of injustice and violence.

This woman, although wounded and bruised from childhood, proved to be a valiant soldier in the Army of the Almighty Father all these years. She is a warrior that is solid gold in her commitment, loyalty, obedience, and dedication to the Father’s will no matter what — a genuine Pastoral Care who upholds the standards and values of being a part of the Father’s royal household.

As she helms the great works of the Father Almighty in the KLCs of Hawaii, Sis. Felina Salinas is a battle-tested warrior that knows no retreat when facing the greatest challenges and trials in the crucible of a spiritual battle.

Although she and her family never received the justice they deserve, Felina is grateful to the Almighty Father that the TV program, Laban Kasama ang Bayan, began airing on SMNI.

Eng would still cry listening to the stories of the victims of the CPP-NPA-NDF. She knows the deep hurt of injustice that no words could ever express.

She knows the feeling of being voiceless and helpless in a society where these communist terrorist groups used to hold sway. She weeps upon seeing fatherless children or mothers who had lost their children to these terrorist groups.

Felina’s story of healing and rising from the ashes of grief and injustice will always be an inspiration for me and for all of us to never give up as we close ranks in finally defeating these communist terrorist groups that have been a scourge to our nation for far too long.

Together, we will win this fight.

To our dear sister Felina “Eng” Salinas, I know that there is nothing closer to your heart than to be a blessing to others who have the same story as yours.

This day, the entire Kingdom Nation greets you a Happy, Happy Birthday. May the Almighty Father continue to use you as a powerful instrument of His love.

I am mighty proud of you, Eng.